Press Releases

CWLA Endorsement

“Brian’s experience in financial planning and public service bring a much needed expertise to today’s political field. Brian has demonstrated a committed effort to creating opportunity for everyone, which is why he is the leader that California’s 49th Congressional District needs. We are proud to endorse Brian and look forward to seeing him elected in 2022….”

Statement on Infrastructure Bill

“It’s hard for me to understand how Democrats and a handful of Republicans could vote for the recent Infrastructure Bill and lump another one trillion dollars of debt on our children and future generations. The timing is awful, and the bill itself is likely to be the most wasteful spending bill in the history of our country – and sadly that is not a very high bar….”

Statement on Redistricting

“My team and I have worked hard this year building out our campaign infrastructure to not only ensure we lock up the primary, but that we have the campaign needed to win next November, no matter how the congressional district was redrawn.

Well, as the redistricting process nears completion, we are beyond satisfied that the current draft assures a competitive race. The redrawn 49th is actually quite beneficial to our campaign — let me tell you, Mike Levin is not going to be happy…”

On the Virginia Race for Governor

“I am confident that today is going to be a great day. I am confident that by midnight tonight, Virginia will have elected a Republican Governor for the first time since 2010 – and New Jersey’s gubernatorial race may still be too close to call.

On Wednesday morning be ready for a barrage of media about how the big GOP night was the doing of a failure to pass a conventional (if badly flawed) infrastructure bill – and a $3.5T dollar social spending plan. Blame it all on Manchin and Sinema! blah, blah, blah…”

Chris Megison, the President and CEO of nonprofit Solutions for Change endorsed Brian Maryott for Congress

“I’ve heard many candidates talk about addressing the housing crisis we have here in California, but rarely have I seen a leader step up and work to change the lives of families without housing. Our communities are in desperate need of a leader who brings a holistic approach to addressing homelessness while empowering people to change their futures. Brian Maryott and his team of volunteers have stepped up before, and they’re stepping up again…”

San Juan Capistrano Mayor John Taylor endorses Brian Maryott

Brian Maryott will bring common sense ideas to Congress. Brian has an extensive finance and financial planning background to draw on, and he is someone who will put the needs of our communities ahead of partisan politics. Brian did a great job for our city and I know he will do great work on Capitol Hill. I am proud to endorse my former colleague in his run for Congress, CA49.

Sen. Pat Bates Endorses Brian Maryott For Congress

Our state is at a crossroads. With crime rates increasing and the mounting crisis at the border, Californians are — with good reason — concerned about their own futures and the future of our great state. California’s 49th District needs a representative who puts their concerns first ahead of partisan politics and D.C special interests.

Republican Minority Leader in the California State Assembly, Marie Waldron, endorses Brian Maryott

While far left politicians plot to nationalize our healthcare system, Brian knows that this would sacrifice the quality of healthcare for Americans. As we emerge from a public health crisis that will have affects on both physical and mental health for years to come, Brian is the level-headed leader we need to work across the aisle to produce results for our community.

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