“As a Certified Financial Planner, I’ve spent most of my career helping families save for a rainy day, send their kids to college, and retire with dignity. 

I’m also a local elected official who knows how to use commonsense leadership and work with people from all walks of life to get results.

As your Congressman I pledge to always do what is best for our district, not cater to special interests and fringe socialist interests.”

-Brian Maryott

Better Healthcare

Protect and enhance our world by resisting reckless efforts to nationalize it. Let’s turn our attention to making much needed improvements to further enhance and strengthen our system. 

A Strengthened Economy

Ensure a vibrant and growing national economy by strengthening all aspects of our economic system that has given rise to the greatest success story in human history.

A Healthier Environment

Protect our precious coastline and the environment with a sensible, science based approach, not costly and extreme manifestos.

A More Secure America

Preserve the peace for current and future generations by ensuring that the United States of America retains its status as the world’s preeminent military superpower.

Financial Relief from the COVID pandemic

Expand financial planning options for families to minimize their tax burden in the aftermath of COVID and fight for more flexible terms for repayment of both federal and private and student loans.

Support for Veterans and Active Duty

Stand with Veterans, Active Duty, and their families. Ensure they have more choices for healthcare and the highest quality of care available, the widest possible education options, and the best employment and career opportunities.

Equitable Education

Educate and empower young people and impact future generations by advocating for competitive, world class public, charter, and private schools – and by addressing the skyrocketing prices for higher education, and the limited options for college savings programs, and college loans.

Safer Borders

Make our whole border safer and secure for all by prioritizing our own families and children while providing the resources for technology and barriers, as needed. The inflow of drugs, and the heartbreak of human trafficking, must be stopped.

An American Community

Maintain a strong, compassionate social safety net while modifying existing programs to include job training and work requirements, and strive to end the cruelty of generational dependency.

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