Statement on Redistricting

My team and I have worked hard this year building out our campaign infrastructure to not only ensure we lock up the primary, but that we have the campaign needed to win next November, no matter how the congressional district was redrawn.
Well, as the redistricting process nears completion, we are beyond satisfied that the current draft assures a competitive race. The redrawn 49th is actually quite beneficial to our campaign — let me tell you, Mike Levin is not going to be happy.
“Overall, the draft maps appear to create four highly competitive congressional races in the districts held by Republican Rep. Devin Nunes and Democratic Reps. Katie Porter and Mike Levin.”
The facts are this: We have the name ID from our last run, I’ve spent this year building out a broad multifaceted fundraising base, expanding both our major donor programs and also small dollar programs via online fundraising and direct mail. We have dramatically grown our base of support, and I’m honored to have the support of over twenty Republican elected officials.  I am personally committed to ensuring that we’ll have the resources to defeat Mike Levin in December.
Please help if you can – we need you to be committed to this race, and I can assure you Team Maryott will put maximum effort behind every dollar you donate.  I am grateful and honored to have you standing with us in this critical effort.
Thank you! 


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