Enough already, let's get back to work.

Enough already, let's get back to work


Message from Brian:

Early this year I ran for Congress, here in the 49th District. A seat in Congress that has been held by the retiring Darrell Issa for the last eighteen years. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful on Primary Day, June 5th., in our quest to finish in the top two, and move on to the general election this fall. That distinction went to Republican Diane Harkey, and Democrat Mike Levin. I admire both of the victorious candidates for what they have accomplished to date. As a Conservative, I will be wholeheartedly supporting Diane in the months ahead.

Like most campaigns, our run for the office produced wonderful moments and memories, as well as new friends, to last a lifetime. We spoke about critical issues, and most importantly about the need to set aside the pettiness and get back to work in the Capital. We knocked on thousands of doors in a very short span of time, and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the ideas and suggestions from Del Mar to Dana Point.

Enjoy the site. You can get a pretty good feel for our candidacy and the run. And keep in touch...much work to do!
— Brian
For too long now, we have been watching our politicians and our parties try to go it alone. Yet the problems of the day are not simple ones with easy solutions, and they affect us all. It is arrogant and foolish to think our toughest challenges can be resolved without collaboration among the major parties, and without a whole lot of input from the American people. We know the division of parties and politicians has become a profitable business being instigated by opinionated TV and radio personalities. More and more it seems people are taking sides. Enough already. We already have unity in our primary goals; we need some sense of reasonable decorum as we strive to achieve them. Let’s all sit down and get to work on what ails us. We are far and away the most successful, admired, and giving country in the world, and that’s a pretty good starting point...
— Brian Maryott

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