On the Virginia Race for Governor


I am confident that today is going to be a great day. I am confident that by midnight tonight, Virginia will have elected a Republican Governor for the first time since 2010 – and New Jersey’s gubernatorial race may still be too close to call.

On Wednesday morning be ready for a barrage of media about how the big GOP night was the doing of a failure to pass a conventional (if badly flawed) infrastructure bill – and a $3.5T dollar social spending plan. Blame it all on Manchin and Sinema! blah, blah, blah.

Wow, will they be wrong. What will unfold today is something that has been brewing for a while. A complete repudiation of hard left, so called “progressive” policy ideas. Actions that are jeopardizing the safety of our communities, crushing education options for our children, flirting with fiscal peril on our national balance sheet, abandoning our border and our national sovereignty, screwing with the once proud American work ethic, and demeaning our bravest civil servants with useless and entirely political vaccination mandates. Enough. Today voters in Virginia will simply say ENOUGH!

Our work will just be getting underway. There is nothing in the collective mentality of progressives in power that indicates they will learn from their mistakes. They are hell-bent on changing the country in very fundamental ways that will be hard to retract. Our challenge is immense – progressives are on offense and they are determined. But today will show that we have one very powerful dynamic working for us, and that is the ability of the American people to sense when something just isn’t right. The ability to smell a rat.

Have a great day!



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