Fentanyl: They're Targeting Our Children.

These narcotics terrorists are poisoning our children and Mike Levin and progressive Democrats don’t seem to care.

Dear Friend,

While Mike Levin pretends that there is no national security issue at our Southern border, a new version of Fentanyl, meant to appeal to kids is making its way onto our streets through the porous border. It’s known as “rainbow fentanyl” and can be easily mistaken for candy. According to California Border Patrol (CBP) They’re trying to make it so that younger people will be interested in it.” Add this to the fact that CBP recently acknowledged that enough fentanyl is being seized at the border for every American to overdose. This is an epidemic, and now it’s targeting our kids.

Mike Levin and the Progressive Movement had their chance to address this issue – they blew it! Rather than tackle the issue, Mike Levin continues to vote in lock step with AOC and his progressive pals. They had an opportunity to take up a Republican sponsored bill to move fentanyl into the top tier of narcotics as it regards sentencing for dealing and they FAILED. They failed our kids. These narcotics terrorists are poisoning our children and Mike Levin and progressive Democrats don’t seem to care. 

But wait, there’s more… Mike Levin voted to block the House from considering legislation that would help stop cartels from continuing to traffic deadly fentanyl through the Southern border and into communities across the country. Mike Levin continues to bury his head in the sand while they poison our kids and I’m tired of it!

As your Congressman I would be the first Yea vote to increase sentencing for fentanyl dealers. But that’s not enough. We must SECURE OUR BORDER. The open border that Mike Levin and the Progressive Movement pretend is not an issue is now directly affecting our kids. I’m a parent of three and I promise I will do everything within my power once in Congress to stop this insanity. 

I encourage the voters of CA49 to ask Mike Levin what he is doing to protect our kids from these dangerous narcotics? Answer: not much.




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