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I want to be clear: these advertisements are nothing more than lies and deception from a desperate politician trying to cling to power.

Team Maryott,

Over the last few weeks, as many of you have seen, Mr. Levin’s disgusting and slanderous TV ads have ramped up. I want to be clear: these advertisements are nothing more than lies and deception from a desperate politician trying to cling to power.

Nevertheless, many of you have asked for more information to help as you push back on these despicable ads. Please be advised of the following: 

I’m appalled that Levin and members of Democrat House leadership would stoop so low as to run ads suggesting that I would prevent a woman from getting life-saving care in the event of a miscarriage or other pregnancy complications. It’s even more appalling when Levin knows this issue is personal to me. I’ve been open about the fact that my wife, Michele, had the same medically necessary procedure after she experienced a miscarriage in week thirteen of her pregnancy several years ago. It’s the lowest form of political campaigning to lie about my record and intent on this sensitive issue.
There are also ads running that suggest I was somehow involved or supportive of the riot that unfolded on January 6th. My public statement immediately following the nauseating events of that day was: “Yesterday was tragic on so many levels and sickening to watch. Every rioter  who broke the law should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Again, Mr. Levin’s willingness to try and portray something different is obscene, and taken from a desperate playbook that has no accomplishments to run on.

The newest hit came this week in the form of a flyer that suggests that I was somehow embroiled in the retail bank fake accounts scandal at Wells Fargo years ago. And he throws in a personal insult for good measure – suggesting that I haven’t worked in five years. 

Let’s be clear: In my twelve-year management career, running some of the largest and most complex markets in the country, I have never once been the subject of any investigation. I fulfilled my long-time plan to retire from the industry on my 55th birthday and serve my community by running for public office. That is exactly what I did. Two years ago, I also started a non-profit that provides financial counseling and education in underserved communities – my role as founder and president of that effort has been a labor of love, and PLANit Kids and PLAN4it will continue win or lose.

Mike Levin’s lies are disgraceful and the political theatre of these ads is despicable. He is clearly desperate and his lack of good judgment on the issues of the day is cause for great concern – but his lack of basic honesty and decency in this campaign makes him in my humble opinion, unfit to serve.

Like many of you, I’m angry and frustrated that this race has transformed from a lively and passionate exchange about policy differences to dishonest attacks on my family, my career, and my character. I am committed to exposing the TRUTH about Mike’s record.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,


PS: You may call me directly about any of this if you would like further clarification at 760-500-1587



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