Brian Maryott Launches Closing TV Ad With Help from Mike Levin

Using Levin’s own words to make the case for his ouster, Maryott’s closing TV ad packs a punch

(Oceanside, CA) – Brian Maryott today launched his closing TV ad of the general election, “Shame on Us.” The ad will run districtwide on TV, streaming, and digital. Maryott’s closing argument launches days after The Cook Political Report moved the race for California’s 49th to a “Toss Up.”
“Shame on Us” uses Levin’s own words from a 2021 townhall in which he said Democrats wouldn’t be reelected this year if they “haven’t delivered” for the American people.

  • Levin’s full quote from the February 2021 townhall“…In about 18 months we’ll all be back out there campaigning in earnest…and we’ll have to make the case: you put Democrats in charge of the House, the Senate and the White House and the average Americans’ life is a little bit better as a result, and it will be very easy to measure whether or not that’s truewe (Democrats) will have either delivered for the American people, or we haven’t. And if we haven’t, controlling all the levers of government that we do, then shame on us.” 

Maryott closes the spot by making a strong case that Levin, Nancy Pelosi, and Biden have done nothing but deliver tax hikes, inflation, and reckless spending for working families.
“Californians’ prices are through the roof because of Mike Levin’s reckless spending and war on American energy. Shame on him,” said NRCC national press secretary Torunn Sinclair.
Click here to watch the ad.


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