Josiah O'Neil Endorses Maryott for Congress

"I believe it is essential to prevent leftists from reaching positions of influence in this state, and Brian is currently."



SAN DIEGO, Calif. — On Wednesday, Sheriff’s Deputy and businessman Josiah O’Neil endorsed Brian Maryott and released the following statement to his supporters via email:
Dear Friend and Supporter,

Please be informed that I proudly support Brian Maryott for Congress in CA-49 this year.

As most of you know, Brian was the front runner throughout the primary, finishing in the top two and qualifying for the general election this fall. The people have voted for Brian to continue and face the Democrat in the general election. I believe it is essential to prevent leftists from reaching positions of influence in this state, and Brian is currently the Republican candidate of choice to accomplish that goal. At this point, we need to unite and defeat the democrats who pose our greatest political threat.

Brian has had a distinguished career in business and served as the Mayor of San Juan Capistrano. Throughout the primary campaign, Brian was professional and resolute in his messaging, promising to represent the people of California’s 49th district in a way that aligns with our conservative values. He is a dedicated father of three and has been married to Michele for 28 years. I watched Brian and his family campaign for months; they are sincere and determined.

As many of you know, my faith informs my beliefs about government and its proper role in our lives here on earth. While I have not known Brian for long, and I am admittedly unable to see inside a man’s heart, I sense that Brian’s adherence to his Christian Faith is real and that it has had a significant influence on his life. I believe that Brian will be a public servant we can be proud of.

In the upcoming election, the stakes are very high for our communities and our country. We must win a Republican majority in Congress and stop the devastating legislative agenda of this misguided administration.

With all this in mind, I hope you will join me in supporting Brian Maryott for Congress.

Josiah O’Neil

Brian Maryott responded, “I am honored to have the endorsement of Josiah O’Neil. Josiah ran a strong and positive primary campaign, and he energized a lot of new voters. His performance was impressive. Josiah served our country in the military and again as a law enforcement officer in our local communities. I hope that he will continue his pursuit of broader public service, and perhaps we will one day work together in Congress. Thank you, Josiah!”

To date, Brian Maryott has received the endorsements of the San Diego Police Officers’ Association, The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, California Republican Party, Orange County Republican Party, San Diego Republican Party, San Diego Lincoln Club, Congressman Darrell Issa, Betty Ward, Ward Connerly, The California Women’s Leadership Association PAC, 13 Mayors, 6 City Council Members, 4 County Supervisors, 2 State Senators, and 3 Assemblymembers (including the Republican Leader in the Assembly).


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