Levin's High Gas Prices

If you’re as frustrated as I am...


If you’re as frustrated as I am with California’s sky high gas prices look no further than Mike Levin and the radical Democrats who won’t lift a finger to help ease the pain at the pump. 

Levin says he’s “feeling pain from high gas prices,” but the reality is he’s done nothing to stop California’s gas prices from climbing (and he owns 2 electric cars…).

Gas prices in California are the highest in the country and a new 3 cent gas tax hike recently instituted is sending high gas prices even higher. Sadly, California Democrats have done everything *but* help provide relief for families. Mike Levin refused to join California Representatives in calling to suspend the gas tax

But wait there’s more…

Mike Levin actually voted against a measure that would prohibit the sale of oil drawn from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to entities under the control of the Chinese Communist Party or for export to China.

So he supports sending American oil to our ideological foes but does nothing to help ease the burden for the people of the 49th? There’s something wrong with this picture.

Perhaps the voters in CA49 should be asking, what have you done for me lately Congressman Levin?

Join me and help us:

  • Increase domestic energy production and lower gas and energy prices!
  • Bring some of our dormant refineries and clean natural gas plants back online.
  • Clear the way for new energy exploration.










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