Law & Order


In the last year and a half we have seen a dramatic rise in violent crime both here in California and across the country. We know why: liberal influence and liberal policies that include early release programs, and decriminalizing serious offenses, which emboldens people and encourages more dangerous behavior. And then there is the outrageous and noxious behavior of politicians and the resulting chain reaction.

In the summer of 2020, nearly every American witnessed a horrific and callous act by a police officer that cost a man his life. It was hard to watch, and it pained us as a nation to accept the idea that some of our bravest and most noble public servants might harbor racial bias, and that it might impact their daily actions. It was a reminder to policy-makers that our rules and procedures for policing should always remain in focus, and that it is critically important to recruit, equip, and train only those individuals who have the character and proper disposition to be police officers. A tragic reminder, but a very important one.

What unfolded next however, was a blatant and dangerous effort to use the resulting protests and riots as a galvanizing campaign issue. At that moment Congressman Mike Levin, then Candidate Biden, then Candidate Harris, and hundreds of others quite simply made a deal with the devil. They embarked on a treacherous mission to convince constituents and future voters that our police are inherently racist and bad, and that policing in America must be re-thought or “reimagined”. They encouraged and fueled with their outrageous rhetoric, the statistically unsupportable idea that our criminal justice system is “systemically racist” and that police officers are inherently racist. They fed this nonsense to gullible adults and unsuspecting young people and lo and behold fiction took hold as fact. Most egregious of all was their ongoing fueling of the protest-related fires and the further loss of innocent life.

Now the results of this myth perpetuating damaging rhetoric is playing out in our communities, playgrounds, schools, streets, parks, emergency rooms and funeral parlors. Police officers are being targeted for execution, criminals have been emboldened by our abandonment of law and order, children are killing children at alarming rates in poorer neighborhoods all over the country, and people are feeling less safe in their everyday lives. And this did not need to happen. None of this, none of this needed to happen.

These elected leaders and so many others should have known where their actions would lead us. How truly careless. And if they did know and persisted as they did regardless?…shame on them! Shame on all of them.



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