State College Republicans Endorse Maryott for Congress

"The California College Republicans have voted to endorse Brian Maryott"

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – The California College Republicans (CCR) have voted to endorse Brian Maryott for California’s 49th Congressional District. The chairman of CCR, Will Donahue, released the following statement”

“On behalf of the California College Republicans, I am pleased to announce our endorsement of Brian Maryott for Congress. He’s a fighter willing to stand for secure borders, a strong and prosperous economy, as well as support our veterans. Glad to have him on our side. We look forward to working with his campaign, and we will do what we can to elect him and defeat radical leftist Mike Levin. It’s time for a common sense leader ship in CA –49.”

For more information and to contribute to Brian Maryott, visit If you support CCR, our stand for social conservative values, and our mission to elect more Republicans, then please consider donating at

CCR is CA’s oldest College Republican organization. Founded in 1963, CCR continues to provide volunteers and conservative activism for the cause. CCR is charted with the California Republican Party and the College Republicans United National Committee.

Brian Maryott responded, “Our campaign is all about the future, and no group has more at stake than young people. We want them to have the best career opportunities and the ability to dream big! That means more entrepreneurial spirit, free enterprise, and less government. Thank you, College Republicans for your support!”


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