SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — On Monday, California State Senator Brian Jones released the following endorsement statement in support of Brian Maryott for Congress:

 “CD 49 needs a congressman who takes seriously the crisis occurring at our southern border. The situation demands immediate attention and federal action to stop the human trafficking and drug trades that are destroying families and communities on both sides of the border. Brian Maryott is my choice in CD 49 to take on these serious issues because his approach prioritizes both the safety of the individual and the security of the border through investment in technology, barriers, and law enforcement on the front lines. 

“We need an experienced leader who understands how federal action and inaction on these issues impacts local communities. As a mayor, Brian worked tirelessly with law enforcement and community leaders to improve public safety; and he has a proven record of leadership that is very much needed in the U.S. House of Representatives. I am proud to endorse Brian Maryott for Congress.”

Sen. Brian Jones represents the 38th State Senate District, which encompasses much of inland San Diego County. In his career as an elected official, Sen. Jones has prioritized the safeguarding of Second Amendment rights, the lowering of taxes, creating economic opportunities for small businesses, and supporting Active Duty military and Veterans. He lives in San Diego with his wife, Heather, and their three adult children. 

“I am extremely proud to have the endorsement of Sen. Brian Jones, who has been a consistently exceptional leader in our local communities and at the state level for many years. Sen. Jones has a strong record of advocacy and accomplishment in improving public safety, fighting to end the trafficking of children and drugs, and securing resources to strengthen our southern border,” said Brian Maryott, candidate for Congress.

“As a mayor, I experienced firsthand how our communities are affected, and how families are devastated, when these important issues are ignored by Congress. We cannot allow the policies of extreme left politicians like Mike Levin to continue leaving our cities and our residents at risk. In Congress, I will work to ensure public safety never takes a backseat to petty political infighting or the extreme left agenda of open borders.”


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