Good Morning Friends and Supporters,

Last night we had one of the last remaining updates from both Orange and San Diego Counties. With the results as they now stand, and relatively few ballots yet to be counted, it is apparent that we will fall short of winning this race for Congress, CA49.

Thank you for joining us in this effort. So many of you gave time and/or financial resources, and I am eternally grateful. I have also been honored to be welcomed into homes and businesses throughout this district. Stories, faces, and conversations I will never forget.

Months ago, we crafted the simple message: People Before Politics. I knew, our whole team knew, that it wasn’t flashy. Hell it isn’t even catchy. In fact it’s even a little dull. But for me it says it all. We are leading with politics in this country and every day it’s getting worse. And for me that concern was ever present as we worked 18 hours days and pushed towards the goal of winning this seat and trying to make some small difference.

Politics is to be tolerated – as little as is absolutely necessary – along the way to solving the pressing challenges of our times. But people must come first, and the obligation to deliver them tangible results should be paramount. Let’s hope some of the fresh new leaders in Congress will help.

If you are a Republican, much work lies ahead. Similar to the recall campaign only about half of our registered Republicans took the time to vote. And yes that is fact. We have been in touch with thousands of Republicans in the last few weeks and we have yet to hit on any ballot/vote related controversy. Democrats simply put more effort into voting in this election. That is a sad fact and we will provide you the final numbers in the coming days.

For this race I am of course disappointed, but as a conservative I believe the broader results are sad because lives will be impacted. Virtually every level of government in San Diego County and Orange County became a little more Democrat influenced, and today’s Democrat party is activist driven and incompetent.

So we will battle on. What that looks like in my case will be determined in time – but know this: I have been overwhelmed by the support, volunteerism, enthusiasm, dedication, prayers, and well-wishes. I am excited for the futures of so many young members from Team Maryott, and I am hopeful and confident about the future of the great communities that make-up this congressional district.
There are so many of you that I hope to be able to speak with individually in the coming days and weeks. Please be patient as I catch my breath but I do hope we will connect soon. Also, some of you who gave toward the ballot research effort will have pro-rated refunds as that work is slated to end this Friday. Stay tuned on that, and thank you again for your generosity.

Many many thanks and all my best,



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