Orange County Register Editorial Board Endorses Maryott for Congress

Orange County Register Editorial Board Endorses Maryott for Congress

(Orange County, CA) – On Saturday, the Orange County Register endorsed Brian Maryott and released the following statement:

“[…] Maryott’s financial acumen is what’s needed now in Congress. He would fight to cut spending and taxes. That’s the approach President Reagan used 40 years ago to end the 1970s malaise economy and curb inflation. The federal debt has soared to a shocking $31 trillion, and will go up another $1 trillion the next year. That is intolerable. On that front, Maryott has the clear edge over Levin and we believe he will work toward fiscal sanity. The federal debt burden currently stands at $94,000 for every American, including children. […] Overall, though, it’s Maryott’s positioning as a fiscal hawk that gives him the edge. We endorse him.

Brian Maryott responded, “Thank you to the OC Register Editorial Board for their support and endorsement. It is not easy to endorse against a two term incumbent, and I appreciate their willingness to take a stand. Thank you!”

Read the full press release here:
To date, Brian Maryott has received the endorsements of the San Diego Police Officers’ Association, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the San Diego Deputy Sheriff’s Association, the Oceanside Police Officers’ Association, the National Association of Police Organizations, San Diego Lincoln Club, Orange County Lincoln Club, and the California Women’s Leadership Association PAC.


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