Progressive Democrats' Disastrous Climate Policy

Democrats told us that California should be a model for the rest of the nation relating to clean energy. Really?

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For years now we’ve been told that California is “leading the charge” in the fight against climate change. Democrats told us that California should be a model for the rest of the nation relating to clean energy. Really? Does the rest of the nation also want to live with an unreliable energy grid that threatens rolling blackouts? I think not… Yet this is what happens with Democrats and Mike Levin’s government mandated green energy transition.

I’ve lived in California nearly 30 years and I can tell you rolling blackouts are a relatively new phenomenon. And no, they aren’t caused by the heat. These conditions are not uncommon in California, even in September. So what’s changed? State mandates along with seemingly unlimited government subsidies for solar and wind development. The bottom line is wind and solar can’t make up for the loss of gas and nuclear power the state has experienced. We can no longer rely on importing the extra needed power from other states as most are also moving to renewables. Add that all up and you are forced to take emergency measures such as turning up your thermostat and encouraging industrial businesses to power down. On top of that residential electric costs have risen 50% in the past two years. The highest in the nation! You can thank Mike Levin and the Democrats. 

Don’t misunderstand-I am a believer in an all of the above approach when it comes to climate change, including wind and solar. The issue is Mike Levin and the Democrats are so desperate to eliminate gas and nuclear energy ASAP that they are sacrificing our energy stability. Incentives, not mandates will lead the clean energy movement. This will take policies that further promote innovation on the next generation of technology, and inspire climate friendly individual and corporate behavior.

I am a father of three, and I have a deep personal belief that as people and policy-makers we have a tremendous obligation to future generations.  We are the custodians of this amazing planet, and we must do all we can to keep it pleasantly inhabitable.  We can, we must, and we will.



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