Enough is Enough

What it portends for younger generations and their future opportunities should concern all of us.



We have all been experiencing the consequences of a very unnatural economy. One that has been stuffed full of government money that has been borrowed from our kids and future generations. Clearly, we are not through the worst of it.

This week our markets entered bear market territory, consensus amongst top economists is developing that a recession is inevitable, and inflation and interest rates are exploding to the upside. As a financial planner, I know the toll this takes on working families and seniors living on a fixed income.  What it portends for younger generations and their future opportunities should concern all of us. 


So what does Mike Levin have to say about our economy?


“We are continuing our unprecedented recovery.”  (Link)


Levin continues to push the absurd narrative that because many jobs were recovered as we emerged from the Democrat driven COVID lockdowns, this somehow indicates an “unprecedented recovery.” It’s unprecedented alright, but far from a recovery.  ( I never cease to be amazed by just how shameless  progressives are in their attempts to deceive Americans, and their utter lack of respect for the intellect of their own constituents )


Biden and Levin’s naïve and reckless spending, undertaken at the same time they worked feverishly to destroy our energy independence – has been disastrous for Californians and the worst may lie ahead.


Please help me, and help us win this race. With a clean sweep in the House and Senate, we can restore common sense policy that respects basic economic principles. We can get our border safe and secure, normalize our economy, and get our nation’s fiscal house in order!  


Friends, in just the last few months mortgage rates have nearly doubled, and our remarkable country has experienced the shame of nearly running out of baby formula. Enough is enough.



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