I am pleased to endorse Brian Maryott and applaud him for his support for equal rights for Americans regardless of race, ethnicity, and gender,” said Connerly

Brian Maryott, candidate for California’s 49th congressional district, today received ringing endorsements from distinguished political leaders Ward Connerly and Betty Chu. Their announcement is provided below.
May 25, 2022

Ward Connerly and Betty Chu Endorse Brian Maryott for California’s 49th Congressional District

Sacramento and Villa Park, CA—May 25, 2022—Ward Connerly, nationally renowned conservative civil rights leader, and Betty Chu, former mayor of Monterey Park and former candidate for California’s 32nd congressional district, today endorsed Brian Maryott as U.S. congressional candidate for California’s 49th district.

“I am pleased to endorse Brian Maryott and applaud him for his support for equal rights for Americans regardless of race, ethnicity, and gender,” said Connerly.

“While voters in this year’s elections are hurting due to out-of-control crime, homelessness, inflation, and illegal immigration, the ‘racial equity’ agenda has become the governing philosophy for the Biden administration and an obsession for far too many in the U.S. Congress,” Connerly continued.

“We cannot afford to send lawmakers to Washington who support or cower before legislation and initiatives—ranging from racial preferences to critical race theory—that call for special treatment for some rather than equality for all.” Connerly described Maryott as “a proven leader who will offer solutions for kitchen-table issues as well as stand firm on American values, such as equality for all.”

In 2020, Connerly and Chu served as president and honorary co-chair, respectively, of the “No on Prop 16” campaign. The campaign defeated a proposition that sought to repeal the part of the California Constitution—passed as Proposition 209 in 1996—that prohibits racial discrimination and racial preferences in public employment, public contracting, and public education. Though Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by nearly 2 to 1 in the Golden State, the “No” campaign won by 57 percent to 43 percent, despite being outspent by 16 to 1.

“I echo Ward’s support for Maryott,” said Chu, the first American woman of Chinese descent to serve as an attorney in Southern California and to co-found and run a bank. “Despite the resounding defeat of Prop 16 two years ago, extremists in California and across the country have continued to stoke racial enmity and spread reprehensible educational policies, ranging from curricula that teach children racism to complicated schemes at elite universities that brazenly discriminate against Asian applicants. We need policymakers like Maryott in the U.S. Congress to fight for common sense and equal rights.”

Chu continued, “Some candidates running in the 49thdistrict this year have shamelessly touted their alleged commitment to defending the safety and interests of Americans of Asian descent while fanning identity politics and racial grievances, or failing to oppose brazen racial discrimination against this community. By contrast, Maryott is a candidate who will lead on, not run away from, these issues.”

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Ward and Betty for their ringing endorsements,” said Maryott, businessman, nonprofit executive, and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. “I am honored that these distinguished individuals, with their long history of public leadership, have entrusted me with their support. I look forward to working with them and learning from their expertise and wisdom during this campaign.”

“Californians spoke loud and clear when they resoundingly rejected Prop 16 in 2020,” Connerly added. “Together with Betty and other colleagues, we will extend that victory this year and beyond by supporting candidates who stand for equal rights while holding accountable those politicians who do not. We look forward to Maryott wining in the June 7 primary and in November.”

The newly redrawn 49th congressional district stretches along the California coast from Del Mar in San Diego County to Laguna Niguel in Orange County.


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