Personal Appeal: Mike Levin Tries to Pick His Opponent

Good Morning,

In the last few days, incumbent Congressman Mike Levin spent tens of thousands of dollars to appeal for his preferred General Election candidate, Chris Rodriguez. Under the guise of phony concern for voters – Congressman Levin mailed Republican voters to try and raise doubts about my pro-life beliefs while pushing those of Chris Rodriguez. I am pro-life and I have been consistent on this issue throughout my life and candidacy.

Though his comments are utter nonsense – he has clearly shown his hand.

That Levin prefers a runoff with Rodriguez is not surprising. He is aware of Chris’ scandalous business affairs and the strong likelihood that Rodriguez will be in trial on October 7th, defending himself against charges of fraud. He is also aware that Rodriguez failed to get 20% of the vote in his own city running for mayor just two years ago. Levin is also familiar with the relentless nature of our campaign and our commitment at Team Maryott. In short, squaring off with Rodriguez seems to appeal to Mike Levin.

Now that Levin has started down this path he won’t let up – and I need your help. Please donate. If you have maxed to the race already ($5,800), there is another link below for our joint Victory Fund, that allows for an additional $15,000. As further guideposts: $500 funds a week of effort from one of our amazing young field workers, and $100 funds a pizza night for our tireless volunteers. Whatever you donate, please don’t do so at a level that would disrupt your financial peace of mind.

I’m grateful – our team is grateful – with your help we will win in June, and again in November.

Many thanks…


Brian Maryott



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