Title 42 & Mike Levin's Open Border



In the 2021 fiscal year, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported an excess of 1.6 million encounters with migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border, accounting for more than quadruple the number of the prior fiscal year and the highest annual total on record. This astounding increase in attempted illegal border crossings coupled with the Biden administration’s unwillingness to enforce standing U.S. immigration law has created a perfect storm at the southern border, which will only increase in severity with the lifting of Title 42 of the U.S. code on May 23rd. As a member of the Democratic Party’s far-left camp, Representative Mike Levin has been in lockstep with the Biden administration’s radical open-border policies, and has demonstrated a commitment to the destruction of the integrity of our nation’s borders for years.

In March 2019, Levin supported Vista city councilwoman Corinna Contreras’ call for the abolishment of ICE, and was joined by said councilwoman at his swearing-in ceremony earlier that year, where she stated – “I know I speak for Mike Levin and myself when I say that ICE needs to end, our Neighbors and Friends shouldn’t live with ICE over their heads”. Furthermore, Levin is on record explicitly supporting BLM’s legislative agenda, including the proposed Breathe Act, which would repeal “all Federal laws that criminalize human movement and border entry” and would eliminate “federal programs and agencies used to finance and expand the U.S. criminal-legal system”, such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Levin’s radical stance on border security, and his open condemnation of the agencies that enforce our nation’s immigration laws has even drawn the attention of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), who released a statement in July 2021, comparing Levin’s stance on ICE to Democrat Rashida Tlaib’s call for the defunding of CBP, ICE, and of their parent agency DHS during the height of the border crisis.

Levin’s recent Congressional voting record has also shown that he supports outright and unconditional amnesty and extended rights for approximately 12 million undocumented migrants, further incentivizing and rewarding criminal behavior, and nullifying the legal immigration process that millions utilized throughout American history to achieve full citizenship.

Now with Title 42 set to expire on May 23rd, Levin has resigned himself to his party’s deliberate inaction as a projected 18,000 migrants will be crossing the southern border every day following the lifting of Title 42. Levin, like many other Democrats up for re-election, has remained silent over the planned removal of Title 42, and has refused to openly condemn the outrageous move by the Biden administration as the situation at the southern border only continues to deteriorate. Levin’s past statements and Congressional voting record act as proof that his current apprehension to explicitly condemn the Biden administration’s unnecessary removal of Title 42 is nothing more than a political move as public opinion is shifting in support of the Republican party’s stance on the border crisis; according to recent polling, seventy-six percent of registered voters surveyed said the current surge in migrants at the southern border is a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately, and forty-one percent said they worry “a great deal” about illegal immigration, marking the highest proportion since 2007. Mike Levin and the Democratic establishment’s lawless initiatives and relentless pandering to the far-left have left this nation vulnerable and humiliated on the world stage. A sensible solution to the border crisis, that places value on national sovereignty and the role citizenship plays in society, has become apparent, and its execution is long overdue.

I understand that Title 42 has been a useful tool available to the Federal Government that’s necessary for managing both the coronavirus and the recent massive influx of immigrants at the southern U.S. border, and he rejects the Democratic party’s false narrative that claims that standing U.S. law, created for the purpose of protecting U.S. citizens from the dangers of infectious disease and preserving our national sovereignty, is inherently xenophobic and malicious. I am proud that America is a nation of immigrants, but I understand that any functional society must adhere to its legal processes. As your next Congressman, I will work to address the growing border crisis by strengthening funding for border enforcement, and by lifting any bureaucratic limitations on law enforcement that restrict the enforcement of our nation’s laws. Once our border is safe, secure, and manageable, I will work tirelessly on immigration reform that expands opportunities for safe and legal immigration.


Brian Maryott


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