Regarding the State of the Union

We have all heard the phrase “a face only a mother could love” – well last night, courtesy of President Biden, we were treated to a speech that only a hard left, self described “progressive” could love. I watched start to finish, and when my head stopped spinning from the dizzying array of new spending proposals, I found myself genuinely concerned about the future of our country.

So I watched again, hoping that maybe the President’s hubris would wane (or at least my alarm at it) and I could find something hopeful I had missed the first time. But his convictions seemed even more real in replay, and it is quite clear: we will get the full-on Bernie Sanders / AOC agenda with a steroid booster.

President Biden last night showed no self awareness or genuine empathy. According to him every challenge facing our country is the result of either the previous administration, or Covid. And every opportunity awaiting our country can only be undertaken with massive federal government spending. It was quite remarkable.

The speech was not serious. It seemed like it was written by pollsters trying to hit every possible issue that might concern citizens now or in the near future, and find a spending idea to sooth the worry. Even inflation, now pervasive and a growing threat to our standard of living, was addressed with more ideas for new taxes and spending!

In the business world, we would always say that it’s easy to criticize and much harder to be constructive. Naturally, I would rather be constructive and be part of the solution. At this moment however, it is hard to feel any confidence at all in this administration – and the members of Congress that are enabling it.

The speech last night was at best disingenuous, and at worst deceitful. It was full of subtle divisiveness, misdirection, and outright pettiness. If you could cut through that however, what was left and what was the most powerful and determined message of all did come through. President Biden wants you to know that government has all the answers. You the individual, the business owner, the parent, the retiree, you are lost without the government.

It is clear that this November we need a full sweep. We need to win the House and we need to win the Senate. The agenda laid out last night will near bankrupt our country, and pile a suffocating debt load on our kids and future generations. They need to go!




Brian Maryott


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