Statement on Ukraine


The events that have unfolded over the last two days in Ukraine are simply horrific. At times it has seemed almost surreal to watch as a military superpower, and permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, attacks a smaller and poorly armed sovereign nation. That it is occurring in Europe makes it seem that much more incomprehensible.

To be clear, this vicious attack is the work of one man, Vladimir Putin. As it has often been the case throughout history, the greatest devastation and cruelty is often inflicted by one evil and determined leader. This is no different.

Putin gambled. Just as he gambled in 2014. He knew the only person capable of truly holding him to account with economic pain that would render his moves net negative for his country, were the respective Presidents of the United States. President Obama failed, and to date President Biden has failed. The newest sanctions do not change that… The missiles are still flying.

In the months and years to come, we in the United States along with NATO allies and other developed countries, are going to have a decision to make. Will we make the economic sacrifices it will take to unwind some of the dependency that has developed on Russia and China? The reliance on energy from Russia and cheap labor and products from China has been decades in the making. It will be painful to undo, but until those countries become true democracies and fully shed their capacity for evil, I believe we must.

For now we can only hope and pray for minimal suffering amongst the Ukrainian people.



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