We Must Ask Why

At a time when cities across California and the country are seeing violent crime increase at an alarming rate – I find myself wondering..

WHY does Levin continue to talk about “reimagining policing”? – this sounds just like what they have been doing in Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and law abiding residents have never been less safe. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to suggest that they are under siege.

WHY is Mike Levin proudly endorsing Peter Hardin for District Attorney? This is a candidate who wants to be Orange County’s top prosecutor, and lists “ending cash bail” and “end mass incarceration” as his top priorities. We DON’T need another DA Gascon in Orange County!

WHY is Mike Levin completely ignoring the human crisis at the border? And the dangerous inflow of powerful and poisonous narcotics that is having an undeniable impact on crime, and the personal safety of our homeless population and our children???

WHY did Mike Levin vote twice to strip Police Officers and their families of valuable protection? Against civil penalties? A move that would hasten the already alarming exodus of our best veteran officers.

Neighbors, Friends, and fellow Parents,

These ideas and votes are dangerous and quite simply pose risk to us and our families.

I don’t know if Mike Levin is naïve, lacking in good judgment, or simply wants to be a rising star in the Progressive Movement so badly that he overlooks the potential for horrible consequences – but I do know that Mike Levin needs to go!


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