The Tragedy In Afghanistan

On Saturday, I was knocking doors in Oceanside and I had the honor of visiting with a Veteran of two tours in Afghanistan.

When he spoke about the friends he had lost there, he was visibly shaken. He questioned out loud what had been accomplished by all the sacrifice and he began naming the cities that had fallen in the last few days. He seemed to be reliving his experiences as we spoke, and it was a very emotional moment.  
His personal sacrifices give him the most unique perspective and makes him most deserving to inquire about the recent failure. However, it is also incumbent on all of us to ask what has gone so dramatically wrong in the last few weeks.
It was just a short time ago that the Biden Administration assured us that while he did not trust the Taliban, he did trust the Afghan military. The President believed that their capability was sufficient to hold the country together and sustain a peaceful co-existence with the Taliban. 
Biden envisioned an American military presence remaining until the end of August, and he promised safe delivery to the United States for Afghans who assisted us during the war.
He could not have been more wrong, and he broke his promise. The horrible scenes we already see in Afghanistan will no doubt worsen in the months ahead. 
The Biden administration has shown incredible incompetence on Afghanistan, and our reckless exit has produced an international security crisis that puts American interests and lives at risk. Withdrawal from Afghanistan was a necessity, but not like this. It’s abundantly clear that a hastened withdrawal was the wrong strategy. 

After the sacrifice of countless lives and trillions of dollars spent, Afghanistan is back to where it was 20 years ago. Ultimately, it is because of President Biden’s irresponsibility.

I’m convinced that naïve, hard left ideologies are having outsized influence at every level of the Administration — and when it comes to Afghanistan, they just don’t give a damn. 
Even worse: they’ve clearly shown they don’t care about the best interests of America, including our energy independence, our sovereign border, law and order, or the balance sheet of our country. They are naïve, incompetent, and dangerous. 
President Biden has failed us on so many levels, but most especially the troops who deployed to Afghanistan. He has done a grave disservice to them and to their work. 
As I think back to my conversation with that Veteran, however, I know that his sacrifices — and the sacrifices of his friends and so many others — will always be honored and appreciated by us. We are immensely thankful for their bravery and commitment to the mission. 
Biden may not want us to remember this terrible chapter unfolding before our eyes, but we will not forget it. 
I hope you’ll join me in saying a prayer for American service members and the people of Afghanistan.


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