Save the Date!

“support one of the NRCC’s Top 20 races in the nation, and the top pick-up race in the state of California!….”


“No better day to enjoy this beautiful video than July 4th….”

Enough is Enough

“We have all been experiencing the consequences of a very unnatural economy. One that has been stuffed full of government money that has been borrowed from our kids and future generations…..”

Cape Cod Baseball League

“these semi-pro players could never do it without their “host families”. These wonderful families put up a player, and sometimes their spouse, for the whole summer on the cape. ….”

Thank You! Election Results Update

“First and foremost, thank you for all of your hard work and support leading up to this primary election. Although there remain votes to be counted, it appears certain that we will advance to the General Election against Mike Levin. ….”

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