Mike Levin Takes Another Extreme Position: Now Strongly in Support of Impeachment

It's the end cap on over a week’s worth of controversial positions taken by the radical freshman congressman

Mike Levin and his progressive squad are recklessly engaging on the issue of impeachment, even though it remains unsupported by most voters. Today, Mike Levin asserted the “time has come” and loudly declared his support for an impeachment inquiry.

Last week, the House of Representatives voted down (332-95) impeachment efforts by extremist “progressive” Levin and his far-left colleagues, including Ilhan Omar, Jerry Nadler, and Rashida Tlaib— a vote that brought impeachment closer to reality.

Even after Democrats’ failed attempt to use the Robert Mueller testimony to get the public on their side, Levin is still sending out a rallying cry for impeachment.

But he remains silent on one of the most controversial issues of the week...

In the past few days, highly inflammatory remarks from a resurfaced interview with Rep. Ilhan Omar received widespread criticism.

In response to a question from Al Jazeera host Mehdi Hasan on some Americans’ fears of jihadist terrorism, Rep. Omar stated: “I would say our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country."

A reasonable person would argue that no one should be feared, nor judged, based on their skin color. But Omar instead chose to single out white males and spread outright falsities. After the condemnable comments from his “progressive” caucus whip came to light, how did Mike Levin respond? Mike Levin said nothing.

“I strongly condemn the racially-fueled, divisive comments made by Congresswoman Omar. Our district expects Mike Levin to put party aside and call out his caucus leadership. Such a vile comment should not be left unchallenged, and I ask Mike to join me in taking a stand against it,” says Brian Maryott candidate for Congress.

Maryott for Congress campaign manger, Richard Hernandez, added: “Mike Levin is a mirage; and when the heat turns up on him, he disappears. He’s in favor of impeachment but silent in the face of racism. But voters are now seeing Mike for what he really is: a radical who's out of touch with voters and shoving an extremist agenda."