Carl DeMaio Endorses Brian Maryott for U.S. Congress

Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California, endorses businessman & Reformer for Congress

(San Diego, CA) - Reform California Chairman and leader of the Gas Tax Repeal, Carl DeMaio, is set to announce his endorsement of Brian Maryott for Congress on his radio show, The DeMaio Report, later today. Listeners can tune in to NewsRadio 600 KOGO or visit the to hear the announcement live.

“I support Brian Maryott for Congress because he is a commonsense leader and committed reformer who believes in low taxes, cutting red tape and fighting for reform in Washington,” said DeMaio. “Brian is the kind of fighter that California needs. Mike Levin has already proven himself to be too extreme for our region – he’s a key AOC ally who supports outrageous socialist spending proposals.”

DeMaio is a former San Diego Councilman and was the leader of the 2018 statewide Gas Tax Repeal Initiative and the successful recall of CA State Senator Josh Newman, the first successful Recall of a CA State Senator in over 104 years. DeMaio’s Gas Tax Repeal Initiative passed in California’s 49th District by 8 points despite the initiative’s incredibly biased ballot title and summary.

As the Chairman of Reform California, DeMaio has sought to endorse candidates for office that are reform-minded, support government accountability, and oppose tax increases, especially the Gas Tax hike.

“I am honored to be endorsed by a Carl DeMaio, a leader of meaningful reform in our state,” said Brian Maryott. “I look forward to taking this fighting spirit to Washington to continue to work toward removing barriers to American small businesses, fighting tax increases, and ensuring government accountability.”

“Our country is facing already sky-high national debt and yet Mike Levin is an outspoken supporter of unsustainable socialist spending programs like the Green New Deal and the most extreme version of the so-called Medicare for All -- complete government takeover of all aspects of healthcare. When elected, I will work to safeguard American prosperity, not socialist policies,” concluded Maryott.

Maryott is a Certified Financial Planner who spent most of his career helping families save for a rainy day, send their kids to college and retire with dignity. As the Mayor of San Juan Capistrano, he has a proven record of reform and a history of working with people from all walks of life to get results.

CA-49 is a swing district with a Cook PVI of R+1 and a R+3 voter registration advantage. To learn more about Maryott and his campaign, please visit