Let's do a 180

We're only 180 days away from primary Election Day…

That means we have 180 days to change course and turn things around for our district. We have 180 days to loudly proclaim that we are committed to voting for a new direction...it's time to do a 180.

In 8 short months, Mike Levin has cosponsored and supported reckless "deals" that would destroy the American economy and eradicate thousands of jobs.

Maybe that's why Mike Levin is currently refusing to participate in any debates with Brian...

...Mike really doesn't want you to know about some of things from his dangerous and destructive record:

  • Mike is a cosponsor of a bill that will cost California families $75,000 in year one alone (H.Res. 109, The Green New Deal).

  • Mike is a cosponsor of a bill that mandates government-run healthcare and leads to the elimination of private insurance & Medicare (H.R. 1384).

  • Mike voted against an emergency border wall funding declaration (H.J.Res.46).

  • Mike voted against closing a loophole that allows members of criminal street gangs to earn citizenship.

We know you agree: Mike Levin is not the right choice for our communities.

With Election Day drawing nearer every day, your support is as important as ever. We MUST make a change for the better and elect a representative who truly puts our district first.

Brian Maryott is the only candidate offering common sense solutions that strengthen the American economy and help families save for the future.

If you're ready "to do a 180" away from Mike Levin — towards a stronger future with Brian Maryott — donate to Maryott for Congress today.

Can we count on you to chip in and help us get across the finish line?