Our current challenges with immigration are the result of chaotic and disingenuous policies of past administrations. California’s sanctuary state proclamations are nonsense and will create a human tragedy for immigrants and their families that will play out over the coming months.

As I represent you in the 49th District, I will fight to ensure our borders are not open and to enforce existing laws for visas and legal immigration. To protect our sovereignty, we must seek solutions that create a fair, logical, and most of all manageable, immigration system.

Expanded security fencing and other enhancements to maintain order and safety on both sides of the border.

Reducing the demand for illegal immigrant labor in our business  community.

Enhancing the efforts to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse by predatory support agencies.

Legal immigrants who came to this country from Mexico and Central America, brought a tremendous work ethic and appreciation for family and American values. As your Congressman, I will whole heartedly support policies that welcome legal immigrants. Moreover, I will work to create coherent legislation that enhances our American melting pot.