Healthcare / Health Insurance

Perhaps at no other time in history have we seen such a critical domestic issue so badly mishandled.  Quality health care and the peace of mind it brings is so important to all Americans.  Despite that, the leadership of both of our major parties have allowed the issue to drive a wedge between us and generate maximum anxiety.  The Affordable Care Act has been a colossal failure.  Many people I know have seen their premiums double and nearly triple in a few short years while the flexibility and quality of their coverage diminished.

As your representative in Congress, I pledge to continue pressing for reforms in healthcare coverage.  Much more work remains to be done.

Resetting the true economics of the healthcare insurance market post individual mandate.

Removing cumbersome regulations and laws which inhibit market competition and lowering insurance costs.

Protecting Americans with preexisting conditions and ensuring affordable healthcare coverage.

Refining the healthcare safety net that the ACA tried to establish for our working poor and non-able bodied.  

As your Representative in the 49th District, I will work to create legislation  inspiring  competition among providers and insurance carriers.  We have brilliant people working in healthcare – let’s turn them loose to innovate and compete.  With a private care system more robust than ever, we can return to an unmatched level of care than existed even pre ACA for Americans.  And we can do this while strengthening a public/private option for some.  We should not rest until this is done.