Foreign Policy

The United States must be the world leader, demonstrating “Peace through strength.”  Our example is needed to inspire the growth of democracy everywhere.  The policies of our last administration did not emphasize our strengths and values.  Instead, President Obama apologized and appeased foreign leaders, ushering in two new nuclear countries as a result.  Agreements he made put America’s needs behind those of the world, and in some cases behind those of our adversaries.

As your representative in the 49th District, I pledge to support a strong military and to provide our State Department with the diplomatic tools to pursue America’s interests worldwide.  The world is a safer place when the United States is strong, and I will support efforts by our current administration to fulfill our undeniable obligation to mankind.


North Korea

We should continue to pressure Kim Jong-un to abandon his aggressive moves in the region.  Strong, assertive policies and sanctions will yield a nuclear free peninsula and ultimately relief for North Koreans.

ISIS and the Middle East

Trust in our military and their leadership in the field has saved many  thousands of lives.  Continued strength and support will end ISIS once and for all, freeing the region to rebuild, stabilize and secure the future for millions of Muslims, Christians and Jews.


Bound by our shared values, I believe Israel deserves our loyalty and unwavering support. Moving our embassy to Jerusalem is long overdue.


We can and should continue to support NATO, while encouraging both NATO and the Europeans to do more to repulse threats from Islamic extremists, Russia, and China.


As your Congressman, I will fight to protect the needs of Americans and our interests abroad.  I will ensure that our resources are not wasted by fraud and abuse.  I will represent you, demonstrating with integrity and conviction that the United States must execute foreign policy from a position of strength, not through apologies and concessions.