The Environment

I believe that we have a tremendous obligation to our children, and to future generations, to maintain a comfortable and clean environment. Climate change is a planetary issue, however, and efforts to address it have to balance the needs of all the major economies – ours included. The unintended effects of an unbalanced approach have been felt locally here in California, as our legislators in Sacramento have shown little regard for our small and large employers. Consequently, many have departed for lower cost states, taking tens of thousands of jobs with them. There is a global version of this as well, and I believe our President understands this. 

The Paris Accord is not balanced. Re-negotiating our part in it and passing it through the proper legislative process is the correct path for our country. We can make some concessions as the most prosperous nation on earth, but we cannot make foolish concessions that jeopardize our future economic success and general well-being. Concessions that can devastate entire industries and communities here at home are not acceptable. I will work towards balance in our environmental efforts using a reasonable approach. 

I believe that The President’s America First Offshore Energy Strategy is an unfortunate over-reach. The domestic supply and demand equation will not require offshore oil for many years, if ever, to be satisfied. I am also worried that any new drilling off our pristine coastline might impact our ability to generate more water supply with new desalination projects in the future. Our coastlines are national treasures, and any impact to them must come with a corresponding and compelling benefit. A pinch more domestically produced oil is nice, but it doesn’t meet that test. I will not support more offshore drilling.