Economy & Tax Policy

I know how hard each of us works for our income and how discouraging and disruptive a heavy tax burden can be to our plans, hopes, and dreams. Our federal government is spending billions in areas never intended by our founding fathers, and we are being taxed accordingly. Our economic vitality and future growth is also critically important - sadly nearly one out of every ten residents of our community lives at or below the poverty line.

Our President and a Republican Congress provided urgently needed and meaningful tax breaks for our middle class--a 12-20% savings for those in the relevant brackets. These reductions will provide relief to approximately 200,000 households--over 80 percent of our own friends, neighbors, and families. The same legislation will also move over a trillion dollars from the checkbook of the federal government back to the operating capital of our small, middle market, and large businesses--back to our employers. Those additional changes will provide a major boost to our job creators and entrepreneurs. When elected as your representative, I will work hard and focus on continuing this trend.

Bringing spending under control and back to appropriate levels as  a percentage of Gross Domestic Product.

Expanding the reform for additional tax rate relief, especially to middle class working families.

Further simplifying the tax code and ending the carried interest loophole.

I believe determining the appropriate level of spending and taxation is one of  most critical responsibilities I will have as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. In the coming years, we will all be challenged by substantially higher gas taxes and other Sacramento-driven financial hurdles. I will fight for additional federal tax relief and reform, as well as long-term peace of mind about our fiscal future.