Personal Message from Brian

"You’ve been a strong supporter so I owe you the truth:"

Good Morning,

You may have noticed the primary race in CA-49 has really heated up recently. You’ve been a strong supporter so I owe you the truth: after weeks of relentless attacks by the two Republican elected officials in this race and Mike Levin’s campaign even directly getting involved in our primary – we have begun to illuminate the serious character flaws of our opponents. This was not an easy decision.

Quickly let me mention that of all the personal insults and accusations that have been leveled against me – only two have any merit whatsoever. In my mid-twenties, I did indeed spend four years as a registered Democrat. And I got over that pretty quick – I hate dating myself but trust me that this was a very long time ago. A couple years ago I overlooked a late penalty on a property tax bill that went unnoticed but has been squared away – that’s it. As for the rest of the nonsense it is just that, nonsense. Such nonsense that I did not see fit to “retaliate” or “hit back” and we did not.

Unfortunately, the attacks against me escalated and recently Mike Levin and a couple of single purpose DC PACs, started spending big money to try and impact the outcome next Tuesday – and seeing that was the last straw. We concluded that we needed people to know that Chris Rodriguez is not personally or professionally ready to serve in Congress, and Lisa Bartlett is an active part of an Orange County cesspool of wild overspending, and consultant and lobbyist fueled corruption. I’ve been a staunch supporter of term limits, she tried to undo them in OC. So that is what we are doing – responding to weeks of lies and gross exaggerations about me with facts about my opponents.

We had all seen the signs – with Chris unable to secure a single endorsement from a Republican colleague, and Lisa on the short end of a 32-6 vote for endorsement in her own OCGOP after sixteen years as an elected official in the county. But the specifics are distasteful.

Chris has been the target of multiple lawsuits alleging fraud and deceit, and he is scheduled to be in trial in October. Lisa Bartlett has been cited by the Orange County Grand Jury for her unethical conduct on the board, and being a part of a group of OC operatives that look to politically punish anyone that stands in the way of big government expansion — the Grand Jury actually referred to it as “Tammany Hall” like behavior.

There is more; disturbing and documented facts that point to a lack of character and basic business ethics. So we just recently have made voters aware of this information. The stakes are high and Levin knows either of these opponents will be easily discredited in a general election which is why his campaign has only attacked me.

Thank you for the feedback and concern over the last few few weeks. Your ongoing support means the world to me! Let’s go finish this!!



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