"THANK YOU to the following individuals for taking us from the remaining $1,900 goal to a little less than $500 to go. Will you help us with the rest?"


Scott J.
Ryan C.
Stephanie H.
Mary E.
Michele L.
Jennifer L.
Mark K.
Kim C.
Eric B.

At Team Maryott we have been hitting it hard as the primary season heats up. Just like that another quarter has gone by and we have hours to go on another crucial fundraising goal. Wow, was that fast.

Will you help??

The shortfall is modest: $1900 But the stakes are so high.

Remarkably, in just the last few days alone, Mike Levin our incumbent congressman voted AGAINST consideration of a bill that would reduce drug overdose deaths by permanently scheduling fentanyl analogues as a dangerous drug with a high potential for abuse – AGAINST allowing floor debate of legislation that would strengthen law enforcement’s ability to prosecute fentanyl traffickers and drug cartels – and AGAINST consideration of legislation that would help stem the flows of fentanyl across our southern border.

Fentanyl is poison – pure poison. Yet our precious children can get on Instagram and find 4 ways to purchase and have it delivered to their home or dorm room by dinner hour. Tragically dozens every day will be dead by midnight.

We have no room for error on the major issues of the day, and no room for apathy. PLEASE help us win this race and do our part to speak for the residents of the 49th on these critical challenges.

It’s too late for checks as far as the deadline. But the donation link is below. As always myself and Team Maryott will put a ton of work behind every dollar.

Many thanks! Brian


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